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Available Works

Only when we acknowledge the face of the fearful impetus of disconnect, the mask of artifice and invention, can we begin to reformulate our humanity in words once again, making the signals unbroken. Only then do we create the real. Only then do we embrace the ownership of creation and glimpse the face of the sacred and holy once again…


From Broken Signals--Trials of Disconnect


Booting Up


Here comes the drill,

the nuts and bolts of the thing

to be built from scrap

and I am wading in the waters

of consciousness


drawn up from the well,

kicking and screaming

for binary solution,

hungry and in need

of maintenance.


So give me a jump start

and watch the gears turn

as if you imagined me

to be here all along

without impetus,

without cunning,

without fortitude,

to ask how deep

the well goes...

Certainty of One--A Tale of Education Automation (Adelaide Books, 2018)

Can the mind know that which is knowing? What is the paradox underneath the desire to understand the self as a reflection in the mirror of tomorrow's innovation? Can the instrument know that which is its purpose without depending on the very tools it uses to define itself? Certainty of One (A Tale of Education Automation) tries to answer these questions in an overarching fantasy/fictional memoir of sweeping epic scale in a short, concise and compact capsule of a manuscript. It is a jagged pill to swallow but one that is a wondrous pilgrimage into the soul of man.