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New Release: Binary Logic

Binary Logic is a collection of short stories that bends genres with style and grace. Everything becomes binary. Positives and negatives separate our decisions, ultimately creating the conflicts inherent in free will.


These stories crackle with an innovative spark and ingenuity, giving life to new and surreal worlds where humanity is challenged and ultimately elevated. These stories tell of younger writers having to make amends to the literary giants who came before, the breakdown of an alcoholic attempting to capture his DT's in mason jars, the monologues of a party girl in a black dress who gets meloncholy while driving through the desert, looking for a place to bury the Elvis impersonator in the trunk of her car, and the future of war where the inventions are the new currency and balance of power.


Binary Logic is a journey of perseverance in all its quixiotic glory. We are transported to a questioning universe where the lines of genre, form, and meaning blur.

Relics & Rituals is a journey through the possibilities of experience and brings the mind to light as an uncharted frontier. Each poem, whether it be with the broad strokes of allegory immersed in personal quest, or small epiphanies in slice of life portrayals, her treatment of the human condition is left as an open question that begs examination and transforms the ordinary with leaps of intuitive exploration. Ultimately, Relics & Rituals, like much of Ross's work, touches on the psychological implications of humanity at large and uses the lens of verse and metaphor to illuminate the conditions we experience as a collective.


We carry physical artifacts as evidence of our existence to mark our presence in time's continuum. We use habits of behavior and the rituals of daily life embedded in the passages of time to somehow help us cope with impermanence. But time goes forward...and the writer types faster...only leaving ellipses on the page...

"Relics & Rituals celebrates the habits of mind and the passages of time with dark imagination and striking imagery, paying homage to human perseverance, triumph, and courage."


--Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, and the author of The Language Instinct and The Sense of Style.