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Broken Signals (Trials of Disconnect)


Only when we acknowledge the face of the fearful impetus of disconnect, the mask of artifice and invention, can we begin to reformulate our humanity in words once again, making the signals unbroken. Only then do we create the real. Only then do we embrace the ownership of creation and glimpse the face of the sacred and holy once again…


Lovell's Time from Home

"Catch you on the flip side," was all he said,
then the dead zone's shadow obscured the light.
The ship followed an arch where gravity led,
carrying the three pilots in flight.

Radio waves went silent, metal creaked,
dead air outside weighed heavy with might.
Each man chose to close his eyes instead,
as the dark side of the moon bled night.

Coldness and lunar shadow carved out space,
as despair descended on their hopeless plight.
Yet, before they could forsake this place,
light brought humanity back into sight.

With the curved face of the silvery moon,
transmissions of life's promise were resumed.